Business Intelligence Analyst - ClassPass

Development | London (UK)

ClassPass is the world’s leading platform for studio and gym fitness. We are passionate about helping our members live a more active life – they currently book over two million classes a month and we are just getting started. We’re seeking a Business Intelligence Analyst to help manage the data and tools that power our business-side analytics functions. This role is responsible for architecting and maintaining the business logic underpinning our PostgreSQL analytics database, which brings together data from our production environment and third-party sources and transforms it into streamlined, nimble data tables that serve as the company’s “source of truth” for business reporting and insights. You will also assist in the management and development of our Business Intelligence software that employees use to access data and create KPI reports and dashboards. This role reports to the Business Intelligence Senior Manager and sits on the Analytics team, but will frequently collaborate with stakeholders from other teams, in particular the Partner Development and Customer Experience organizations. Our ideal candidate:
  • Thrives in the sweet spot between business acumen and technical data prowess. In this role you’ll need to be able to work with business end users to understand their reporting needs, as well as interface with the engineers who provide technical support to our analytics database.
  • Loves to get in the weeds of data, and strives to develop detailed expertise on where data comes from, how it’s structured, and where sneaky edge cases might be hiding. You’ll need to be willing to “get your hands dirty” in the data, as you’ll be the one writing and updating the SQL logic for our major fact tables.
  • Has strong business instincts and judgment. Your job is ultimately to oversee a data model that can be easily used to drive business insights; as such, the ideal candidate will be able to develop a strong command of our business and will understand the reporting implications of data model design.
  • Has a strong command of data visualization. In addition to managing underlying source data you’ll also be responsible for building reports and dashboards that allow for the quick distillation of the most critical insights.
  • Is a structured, logical thinker who is comfortable designing and executing the transformation of occasionally messy source data into robust and usable datasets.
  • Is self-driven and thrives in a fast-paced environment. We’re a high-growth company that’s constantly iterating on our product and releasing new features and policies for our users; it’ll be your job to remain on the forefront of understanding all of these changes and what they mean for our data.
  • Work cross-functionally with our Partner Development, Customer Experience, and other departments to develop processes, data models, and reports to improve efficiency
  • Write, QA and maintain/update SQL logic underpinning major data tables of our analytics database, which powers all business analytics and financial reporting at the company
  • Manage configuration of Salesforce & Zendesk data streams and metrics definitions
  • Architect and build efficient business data models, optimize technical performance of database, and troubleshoot issues
  • Utilize BI tools to create and manage reports, dashboards, and data sources that are critical for deriving insights on the business
  • Develop reporting standards and best practices to ensure data and key metric standardization across the company
  • Experience in Business Intelligence or similar role that involves data modeling and/or SQL-based data transformation and analytics
  • Advanced SQL skills required (experience with PostgreSQL a plus), something like 20% of your current role should be in SQL 
  • Experience developing data models and databases at a nascent or rapidly scaling business
  • Experience using BI Tools required (Looker and/or Tableau a plus)
  • Must have interest in business-side implications of work; need to stay abreast of what’s going on with the business and feel comfortable with collaborating with business stakeholders at all levels of seniority to understand their data needs
  • Experience with Salesforce and its database structure a plus
  • Experience with Zendesk and its database structure a plus
  • Familiarity with Athena/S3 databases, BigQuery, and ETL pipelines a plus
  • Comfort and fluency working with command line a plus
  • Experience with subscription economics a plus