Software Engineer - ClassPass

IT | Remote (CN)

At ClassPass we value people who are intellectually curious, who are pragmatic not dogmatic, and people who care about our product, their teammates, and their own personal growth. We are faced with an interesting set of technical challenges and we believe in giving our engineers the autonomy to go and solve them.

About You.

You love to design robust and easy to use APIs and services. You know the best software is created through collaboration and iteration and you’re looking for the right opportunity, and the right team, to expand your experience. You seek feedback because it has the ability to turn good work into great work. You like to ship software early and often. You value simplicity and strive to eliminate unnecessary complexity. 

Key Responsibilities 

  • Collaborate closely with Product, Design, and QA to iterate on the design, implementation and deployment of our product. 

  • Collaborate with partners and stakeholders in both English and Mandarin. 

  • Develop reusable and scalable UI components and connect them to our backend systems. 

  • Build and maintain backend systems and applications. 

  • Seek different perspectives, and solicit honest feedback. 

  • Practice engineering best practices (e.g. automated testing, code reviews, proper monitoring). 

  • Take delight in delighting our users. 

  • Care about our studio partners and want to help them grow their business. 



Skills & Experience 

  • Well-verse in some programming languages. We use Kotlin for backend, Python for scripting. 

  • Working knowledge in some web frameworks. We use SpringBoot and Ktor for backend. 

  • Experience in deploying applications to cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, etc. We use AWS to host our applications. Docker and CircleCI are part of our CI/CD pipeline. 

  • Fluent in English and Mandarin. We speak and write in both languages depending on our audience. 

Have we piqued your curiosity? 

Even if you don’t think you “check every box” on the job description, we encourage you to apply. We value growth and learning over perfection, any day. Or perhaps now is not the right time? We get it - timing is everything and we’re all managing through a lot in the world right now. The door is always open, so feel free to reach out to connect about future opportunities when it best makes sense for you.