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Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity

We’re working hard to create an inclusive, uplifting, and welcoming workspace where all our team members feel valued and inspired to bring their best every day.

We champion diversity on our team and drive the action necessary to make it a reality.

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Consciously Evolving

We’ve learned from each other, put words into action, and created a workplace that not only values differences, but actively seeks them out to continue our evolution.

Employee Resource Groups

These employee-led groups create welcoming spaces supporting specific communities, identities, and causes. They drive awareness of unique perspectives and provide members with personal and professional resources.

Only through recognizing and valuing different perspectives do we succeed as a team.

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Gender representation

Working toward fair representation of women at all levels of our organization is critical for achieving our business priorities and building and supporting the products that meet our customers’ evolving needs.

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Race & ethnicity representation

Diverse teams bring diverse thinking to innovation and problem-solving. From recruiting more diverse talent into all levels to providing equitable professional development and career opportunities, we’re fostering increased representation.

Black Lives Matter

The events of 2020 highlighted the inescapable reality that the fight for racial justice and equality in America is far from over. Because the definition of wellness extends far beyond physical fitness and encompasses all things that make us emotionally, socially, and spiritually well, we firmly believe that we can’t stand for wellness unless we’re taking direct action to stand up for Black lives.

Looking inward, moving forward

Each year, voluntary company-wide surveys are sent out to expand our understanding of the complex and evolving identities, challenges, attitudes, and beliefs of the team. The results shape company priorities and drive real-world, measurable results.

Our team must reflect the historically underserved communities we aim to connect to wellness.

Immediate next steps and priorities

We're taking steps to pursue workplace equity, from company-wide diversity training to partnerships that open up more diverse candidate pools. But we’re always striving to do more—and are fully committed to our 2025 goals:

Connecting the world to wellness

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