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Mindbody Selects Listen360 Customer Feedback Solution as Latest Technology Partner

Atlanta, GA - Mindbody, the leading web-based business management software for health and wellness businesses, has selected Listen360TM as its newest Approved Technology Partner, bringing powerful customer feedback management to Mindbody subscribers.

“Listening to clients is central to what we do at Mindbody. We use Listen360 to capture and analyze feedback from every Mindbody subscriber. Our own experience led us to develop the partnership with Listen360 so we could offer the same benefits to our subscribers,” says Rick Stollmeyer, chief executive officer of Mindbody. 

Listen360, the industry’s most effective customer listening solution, automatically captures and analyzes customer feedback in real-time, then displays it on intuitive dashboards so organizations can understand at a glance which customers are happy or unhappy, and what action to take to resolve issues quickly. Listen360 works seamlessly with Mindbody’s management system, accessing customer information to automatically trigger feedback requests at regular intervals throughout the year.

 “Our subscribers only have to look on their desktop to see the feedback, the analytics, and what they need to do to support their customers. That’s a truly effective way to build customer relationships,” explains Andres Moran, director of business development at Mindbody.  

Elements Therapeutic Massage, one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country, has been using the combined Mindbody/Listen360 solution since 2011. During its pilot with 15 franchisees, it proved so valuable that 30 more Elements studios came online in just 60 days.

“Listen360’s automation and timeliness are big benefits,” says Kyle Gjersee, chief operating officer, Elements Therapeutic Massage.  “Elements studios can see what customers are saying as they say it, and learn exactly which clients to contact and how to respond. Many times, the action that the studios take keeps a client from dropping out and creates a huge fan instead. That’s what helps our franchisees build our business and client relationships.”

Listen360’s social media features also enable companies to turn happy customers into brand advocates via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. “It’s another innovation that we’re excited to offer Mindbody subscribers,” says Richard Thomas, executive vice president for Listen360. “With just one click, Listen360 enables customers to share their recommendations with friends online. It’s a powerful, grassroots way to drive growth and profitability.”

About Mindbody
Mindbody was founded in 2001 as the first desktop management software designed for the wellness industry. In 2005, the company moved its software online, pioneering the industry’s first fully web-based business management system. Over 17,000 businesses in over 75 countries use Mindbody to operate all aspects of their business, from scheduling and staff management to automated marketing and eCommerce. These businesses process over 12 million class and appointment bookings per month in the company’s software. Over 3.2 million of those sessions are booked online directly by consumers via websites, mobile devices and Facebook pages.

Listen360 is a powerful customer listening solution that enables organizations to engage customers, analyze feedback in real time, and transform customers into brand advocates via social media. Our exclusive Voice of the Customer text analytics and innovative dashboards deliver actionable insight to help organizations build customer loyalty, drive growth and increase profitability.  Learn more at

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