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Mindbody Documentary Reveals Common Thread Connecting U.S. Wellness Businesses

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Mindbody Documentary Reveals Common Thread Connecting U.S. Wellness Businesses
Co-founder of Mindbody completes 3,000 mile cross-country road trip to honor subscribers

San Luis Obispo, CA – September 9, 2015 – MINDBODY, Inc. (NASDAQ:MB), the leading provider of cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry, recently celebrated the debut of Connect US, a film that follows the company’s 3,000 mile road trip to highlight a diversity of wellness businesses, from New York to California.

The documentary begins at the annual Solstice in Times Square, New York, where Mindbody’s Co-founder* and Evangelist, Blake Beltram, joins thousands of others for a full day of yoga. Beltram then embarks on a challenge to see if he can use the company’s mobile consumer app, Mindbody Connect, to find, book and partake in a health, wellness and beauty service in each state crossed during the 3,000 mile, five day trek back to Mindbody’s headquarters in San Luis Obispo, CA.

“Driving through the heart of America and witnessing our subscribers positively influencing their communities was magical,” said Beltram. “It became clear that these wellness providers, and our team members, are connected to the global wellness movement through a common thread - passion. This movie embodies both revelation and celebration of the passion behind our subscribers - the tens of thousands of individuals that have dedicated themselves to building a healthier, happier world.”

Mindbody Connect links consumers to Mindbody’s global network of wellness businesses, so consumers can find, book and pay for classes and appointments in their community and on the road. At the end of March 2015, the mobile app had seen over 1.6 million unique users since it launched in November 2013.

The growing consumer focus on health is mirrored through the burgeoning wellness market. An analysis by the growth partnership firm, Frost and Sullivan, estimated a $9.5 billion market for business software solutions targeted at wellness businesses this year and expects the market to grow to $15.3 billion in 2018.

View the Connect US film and follow @Connectmb on Twitter for the latest news and updates from MIindbody Connect.

About Mindbody
Mindbody is the leading provider of cloud-based business management software for the wellness services industry, with over 45,000 local business subscribers in 132 countries and territories. These subscribers provide a variety of wellness services to over 25 million active consumers. Mindbody’s integrated cloud-based business management software and payments platform helps business owners in the wellness services industry run, market and build their businesses. Mindbody also helps consumers more easily evaluate, engage and transact with these businesses, enabling them to live healthier and happier lives.

*Blake Beltram co-founded Mindbody in 2001, alongside CEO Rick Stollmeyer. He left the company in 2003, before Mindbodybecame a SaaS platform, and returned in 2013.

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