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Mindbody Employees See Results through Workplace Wellness Program

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Team Members Lose Over 1,300 Pounds Collectively

San Luis Obispo, CA – June 25, 2015 – Mindbody, the leading online wellness services marketplace, is supporting wellness from the inside out by offering employees the chance to partake in Mindbody Evolve, a 3-month-long rotational wellness challenge designed to improve health and encourage more active lifestyles. Participants receive biometric screenings, nutritional counseling, personal training sessions, local gym memberships, monthly wellness vouchers and wearable devices to track activity.

Since the launch of the Mindbody Evolve Wellness Challenge in 2013, the program has helped over 200 participants who have collectively taken 9,306 classes, tracked over 114 million steps and lost over 1,300 pounds.

"The Mindbody Evolve Wellness Challenge kick-started my 50’s into something I would never have imagined," said Sharee Hallman, a Mindbody team member. "Sure, I lost weight and body fat, but I lost more than that - I lost the reservations and excuses that were holding me back from making important health changes for myself."

Participants of the challenge make use of two of the company’s products to facilitate their wellness activities. Mindbody Cards, a component of Mindbody’s corporate wellness solution, Connect Workplace™, are akin to credit cards for wellness. Employees receive a regular allowance on their cards that they can use toward health and fitness services of their choice. They also use Mindbody Connect®, the company’s consumer mobile app, to find, book and pay for local wellness services near their home or while traveling.

"The Evolve program leverages the fitness, nutrition and life coaching skills of our subscribers to help employees substantially improve their wellness," said Rick Stollmeyer, CEO and Co-founder of Mindbody. "Wellness improvements come from moving our bodies more, eating right, developing social connections and reducing stress – exactly the kinds of things the wellness practitioners in our network specialize in. It’s a win-win!"

The company’s third Mindbody Evolve Wellness Challenge ended Wednesday, June 24th, with a 5K run/walk and a Wellness Festival at Mindbody’s San Luis Obispo, CA headquarters, featuring local community vendors, non-profits and partner gyms.

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